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Fantasy Map: Kyoda by Hammerthane Fantasy Map: Kyoda :iconhammerthane:Hammerthane 0 0 Poison Monger by Hammerthane Poison Monger :iconhammerthane:Hammerthane 0 0 Master Tinker by Hammerthane Master Tinker :iconhammerthane:Hammerthane 0 0 Kringle Guard by Hammerthane Kringle Guard :iconhammerthane:Hammerthane 1 0 Kringle Guard Sentry Corp. by Hammerthane Kringle Guard Sentry Corp. :iconhammerthane:Hammerthane 0 0 Kringle Guard Soldier by Hammerthane Kringle Guard Soldier :iconhammerthane:Hammerthane 0 0 Kringle Guard Outrider by Hammerthane Kringle Guard Outrider :iconhammerthane:Hammerthane 1 0 Kringle Guard Lord General by Hammerthane Kringle Guard Lord General :iconhammerthane:Hammerthane 1 0 DnD Party by Hammerthane DnD Party :iconhammerthane:Hammerthane 3 0 Doodle page by Hammerthane Doodle page :iconhammerthane:Hammerthane 0 0 Muscle Practice by Hammerthane Muscle Practice :iconhammerthane:Hammerthane 0 0 Weight by Hammerthane Weight :iconhammerthane:Hammerthane 0 0 Orc Hunter by Hammerthane Orc Hunter :iconhammerthane:Hammerthane 0 0 Steampunk man by Hammerthane Steampunk man :iconhammerthane:Hammerthane 1 0 Warmachine by Hammerthane Warmachine :iconhammerthane:Hammerthane 1 0 Psycho Vulcan by Hammerthane Psycho Vulcan :iconhammerthane:Hammerthane 0 0


Jellybots - Jack by nicholaskole Jellybots - Jack :iconnicholaskole:nicholaskole 232 5 Jellybots - Hannah by nicholaskole Jellybots - Hannah :iconnicholaskole:nicholaskole 239 6 Jellybots - Dream Parade by nicholaskole Jellybots - Dream Parade :iconnicholaskole:nicholaskole 379 11 EMILYYYYYY by AgentDax EMILYYYYYY :iconagentdax:AgentDax 85 3 The Bard by Skirtzzz The Bard :iconskirtzzz:Skirtzzz 668 66 A Village Corrupted by Zatransis A Village Corrupted :iconzatransis:Zatransis 165 3 Aevornuae by regourso Aevornuae :iconregourso:regourso 79 2 Saigo by regourso Saigo :iconregourso:regourso 120 3 Phaedra by regourso Phaedra :iconregourso:regourso 117 1 Lordless/Lifeless by regourso Lordless/Lifeless :iconregourso:regourso 135 6 Horned Owl. by regourso Horned Owl. :iconregourso:regourso 187 1 Qadir Siblings by regourso Qadir Siblings :iconregourso:regourso 139 2 Lynel Hunter by WesTalbott Lynel Hunter :iconwestalbott:WesTalbott 222 8 DRAW MORE! by Vaejoun DRAW MORE! :iconvaejoun:Vaejoun 43 2 The Thief of Tales 3-14 by zazB The Thief of Tales 3-14 :iconzazb:zazB 82 19 Diana of Themyscira by theDURRRRIAN Diana of Themyscira :iconthedurrrrian:theDURRRRIAN 1,754 64


:iconinkthinker: - by far one of the best conceptual artist on DA. His compendium type style of D&D characters and extreme detail makes his art some of the most eye catching. Looking through his work is like a veritable "Where's Waldo" of Fantasy. His work is also prominently featured in Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series, not to mention he did all the work for the Mistborn RPG book.  If there was anyone to be like on DA this guy would be it. I would kill for his talent...well, maybe seriously injure.

:iconjollyjack: - I am a fan of this guys comics, as well as his art work. Sequential Art is a must read and is on my daily checklist of places to go on the internet. Jollyjack's lines are ultra detailed and freakin fascinating to look at. My only problem is that his girls get too risque for me. Watch his stuff, but be careful for excess boob shots and adult situations that tend to get a bit uncomfortable.

:iconpachycrocuta: - I am a DnD nerd. I admit it and love it. As such I can't help but worship this guy's work. So many wonderful things to say about his lines and his colors. Not to mention his composition and creativity with Classic DnD tropes. If you are a fan of the game then you should take a look. If you like dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, then you should also take a look. If you just like swords and armor and awesomness, then you should take a look.

:iconthegreyninja: - I dig this guys style and his dedication to video game art. Check out his current projects which include a Mariachi band being sent back to Feudal Japan in Mariachi Daichi, as well as his versions of the final fantasy VII crowd. Apt since the remake of FFVII should be out soon... like 6 years soon... but to tide you over till then check them out! 

:iconzazb: - amazing artist with a very distinct style and color. Fascinating concepts for character art along with his exalted art. Be sure to watch the progressing of his OC Marine, a deadly beauty with hands of blue.

:iconagentdax: - I am not one for bloody or gory artwork, but there is something about this girls style that captures me. She has a great coloring scheme and some interesting ideas when it comes to composition and design. Keep an eye on her for some great work with fantastic characters.

:iconrobd2003: - Another DnD artist? Why yes. Yes it is. But not just that, although most of my faves from this guy revolved around the game. He also has some great comics out there as well. Give it alooksee.  

:iconekuneshiel: - Only recently has this guy come to my attention. His style is anything but run of the mill. Great Characters, particularly his comic endeavor of an elf like girl named Mikka in several tournament settings including Asian,Steampunk, and Sci-Fi. Be sure to watch her and all her freckled goodness.

:iconloish: - A softer style than some of my other favorites on DA but the beauty of her work is beyond compare. Be sure to check out her Ariel "Little Mermaid" art. Also her soda girls are some of my favorite as well. Recently she has been doing some wonderful experimentation with her style and color. Defiantly worth a look.

:iconbriannacherrygarcia: - A funny girl with a great sense of humor and a passion for Disney. Her art are some of my personal favorites. Her characters have such great expression and life to them. Works at D*sney so watch her photos of the park and her comic of a love between Alice and the Mad Hatter.

:iconhologramzx: - I personally love this guys style. Probably one of the best styles on DA. Its highly detailed and has a unique angle to it. His streamlining of the Mario Universe if fascinating to me. Be sure to check out that and His Mega Man redux as well.

:iconarvalis: - This guy does great work. His style has improved drastically from when i first started watching him. His ideas and characters fascinate me. His designs and colors are also amazing. Lots of influences from SquarEnix and there games, but i think that's what makes his work so cool. Keep an eye on this one.

:iconrufftoon: - There is no better Avatar: The Last Airbender artist on DA. Her work is amazing and begs to be watched all day long. Her work will feed your Avatar Addiction until Nick gets its rear in gear and brings the show back. Be sure to watch her recently finished comic of Admiral Zhou's Return in "Water Tribe" and the Alternate Avatar Universe comic.

:iconspohniscool: - Another Personal Favorite. This guy does amazing Jak and Daxter Art. His Jak mythos has become legendary and his art matches the epic scale of the series. Be sure to watch this up and coming artist's redux of the Jak and Daxter Universe with a harder edge.

:iconnmrbk: - Heavy on the Manga but in a very light and free way. I am smitten by this artist use of western cartoons in a interesting Anime style. Definitely worth a second, third or fourth look.

:iconerylion: - A relatively new artist and a personal friend. Don't look for updates until this fall, but his work is very creative and very fresh. Awesome concepts for fantasy and science fiction that can not help but be watched.

:icontabbykat: - I love this girls clean style. Her colors just seem to jump off the page. But her concepts are what really capture me. Her characters are so vibrant and well thought out. Her style gets kind of racy for my tastes, but still her women characters are some of the most beautiful on DA. Keep a eye on this girl. She is going places.

:icontoshinho: - His style screams individuality.One of my favorites, that's why he made it to this list.His style is reminiscent of FF Tactics and he does a sort of manga style with a bulky twist that is very new. Be sure to watch for his KF series of drawings as well as his Marvel fan art as well.

:iconwestalbott: - When I found this guy's work, what really got me interested was his armor. Such detailed stuff is pretty rad to find, but this guy takes it to a new level. His lines are super clean and they just get better when he colors them. I also dig his work because of his subject matter, which usually tends to be fantasy/scifi. Great stuff for anyone who enjoys those genres and he is doing COMMISSIONS at the moment. Check it out!

:icongravedfish: - Angular is the name of this guy's game. Great fantasy, fan art and comics in a compelling angular style that screams to be faved. My personal fav? His ninja shark and polar bear. Yeah I know that sounds kinda interesting, but trust me they are awesome. Check this guy out for great conceptual art work that is worth the hours you will spend faving his stuff.

:iconshimmering-sword: - Mecha is this dude's favorite thing to put down on paper. His scifi military-ish armor and mecha is down right out of this world. I nearly faved his entire gallery, everything was so cool! Plus its all well done too. Weapons, armor, mecha. You name it and this guys has it down. Be sure to add him and fav his sweet lines.

:iconcwalton73: - Watch this guy blow your mind with drawings of the hit table top game "Warmachine." From what I understand, he designs the miniatures for the company and his designs will rock your socks off. Expert at armor and great fantasy art. A must see for all fantasy lovers.

:iconlysol-jones: - This guy has a great style and great concepts to go along with it. His lines and colors are what will grab you and the fascinating things he draws (samurai cat with a fishing pole sword=genius) will keep you coming back for more. A definite favorite of mine.

:iconronin-ink: - Another personal favorite mostly because his style kicks butt and he draws lots of swords and armor. He deals mostly in black & white though so don't look for eye popping colors. But his designs speak for themselves and his detailed weapons and armor will keep you coming to his page every day.

:iconicymasamune: - I dig this guys hybrid anime/american style and his clean lines. A shoe in for anyone wanting to find some fascinating concepts like a killer samurai cat girl with pink hair and one arm. You can't just find stuff like this! Awesome and defiantly worth the watch.

:icontwulf: - I found this guy while looking up comics online one day and I must say that his style is very personalized and interesting to watch. His bird characters have a hint of Don Bluth in them and his ideas and character design pages are interesting to watch. Keep an eye out not only for cool, clean lines, but some great colors too. A must see.

:iconpugletz: - Avatar fan art IS this girl's work. There, I said it. If you are fan of Korra, Aang, Kataang, Zutara or anything else that deals with the wonderful world of Avatar, then this is a girl to see. Fascinating to watch and even more fun to speculate about.

:iconluigil: - I could not put new artists on here without talking about this guy. Its Mario Brothers meets Pixar and this guy's work take the super star for me. He is at the moment showcasing designs for a platform video games that, if I had millions of dollars, I would invest in. Fun, light and free are the orders of the day here. You NEED to check this out and then throw gobs of money at him.

:iconrosesmusings: - I adore this girls fan art, and when I say adore I mean she always finds her way into the favorite folders. If you area  fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Wheel of Time, Naruto, or Full-Metal Alchemist, then you have got to check out this girls work. Expect clean lines, great execution and fun from this Queen of DA Fan-ArtThere are too many artists that I love to put them all here. But what are your favorites? Do your own fav list and share them on your journal!
  • Listening to: Sea Shanties
  • Reading: The Hobbit
  • Watching: Young Justice
  • Playing: XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Mexi Coke


D. Mierzejewski
United States
Current Residence: Laie Hawaii
Favourite genre of music: Punk and Celtic
Favourite photographer: E. McClain
Favourite style of art: Anime, manga, fantasy and all that jazz
Operating System: MS
MP3 player of choice: None...i am still addictied to CDs
Shell of choice: KOOPA!
Skin of choice: my own, thank you very much
Favourite cartoon character: too many many
Personal Quote: Eating meat is not a choice...its a human right!


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